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Live Trading Alerts

Searches for the setups

Creates scans for setups instead of a useless list

You can create your own Alert Strategies

Know when any of your positions are breaking down

Know when any of your watch-list tickers breakout

Identify unusual volume flows

Find patterns and signals on Intraday and Daily

time frames

Find the breakouts and breakdowns before

the crowd does

Live Trading Alerts

Find the exact setups you like

Be alerted the exact time a trade kicks off

Know if a chart is making a new high or low in multiple time frames

Game Changer: 

Live Trading Alerts - A tool that saves a trader time, focuses their attention onto the few stocks/ETFs (at any given second of the day) that exhibit EXACTLY the behavior (price pattern, signal and movement) a trader desires. No flipping through charts, no waiting on someone to recommend a chart, no missing trades or uncertainty about when to act...just actionable, real-time alerts of specific trade setups.

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